Got Questions? We have Answers.

Nope. We help you find the best electricity company for you. We are a free resource to help pick the right plan.

You don’t have to…but unfortunately your loyalty to an energy company is often rewarded with a higher rate. That doesn’t make sense.

Just a couple of frustrated Texans. We believe the energy industry should be a little more transparent.

Well, that’s where Energy Plans steps in. We help you see all the reviews and feedback in one place.

We vet every company that is featured on EnergyPlans.com. While there are some 50 plus providers who service Texas, we have reviewed reputable companies with solid track records.

No. Your new provider will handle all of that for you. 

Well, first of all we get to help you. Second, some of the providers listed on the site pay a small fee for us to help them enroll a customer. We have created a service that is 100% free for people looking to find the best rates and great service.

No. We are privately owned and self funded. It is our passion to see you save money on your bill each month. We like running the AC too.

We would love you to share our site with your friends and family. We want to help them too.

Power to Choose is an official website of the Public Utility Commission of Texas. Nicknamed ‘power to confuse’, many electricity companies have gamed the site by offering really low rates at certain usage only to have high rates at others. Unaware customers sign up seeing low rates only to be hit with high bills when they use 1kWh over the threshold.

That is why we believe there is more to just the lowest price…like reputation, reviews, and time in business.

We don’t have time for hidden fees and gimmick plans.

Sure. Rates are constantly changing. It is a great idea to search our site for today’s power rates.

Start by searching our site with your ZIP code. You will see all the plans we have in your area. You can filter by usage and find a great plan for you. We even have a monthly estimate bill amount based on usage.

You can enroll with a new provider by phone or through our secure online portal. Sign up calls normally take about 8 minutes, or the online signup takes around 5 minutes. You will find the phone number next to the plan you like.